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Tile Roofing

It’s not surprising tile roofing is the most popular choice

Tile roofing in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Anyone who seeks to boost the protection of their home, as well as the aesthetic quality of their residence, should consider tile roofing. Its distinctive style provides homeowners with both long-lasting protection and a bold appearance. At Adele Construction Inc, we have over 35 years of experience in roofing and construction to install and care for your tile roofing. Businesses all over add roof accents using roof tiles to add character to their otherwise flat roofing. Adele Construction is fully licensed and offers great options and warranties.

Discovering the beauty behind roof tiles

Roof tiles come in many forms. They are made from clay, slate, concrete, synthetic materials, and even rubber. While some are lower maintenance than others, all provide a strength to your roof that’s undeniable, and they are easy to repair if you have a broken tile that needs replacing. Our roofing contractor can provide great information and considerations when choosing the type of roof tile for your home or business.

New home with orange tile roofing

Protect your tile roofing with Adele Construction Inc

An experienced roofer knows where and how to walk across your tile roof without causing damage to your roof tiles. If you need a tile roof repair, inspection, or tile roof replacement, call us at 714-871-0091.

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